Yaqui Dance Mask

Northern Mexico and Arizona

Date:  circa 1950's

Dimensions:  7 ¼ in. (18.4 cm) by 5 ¼ in. (13.3 cm) 3 ½ in. (8.9 cm); height with beard 20 in. (50.8 cm)

Price:  SOLD

“Pascolas are the old men of the dance, and they perform at all manner of Yaqui feasts.  Pascolas are individualists who perform as a result of dreamed visions.  Their knowledge is gained from animals of the woods rather than from Christian supernaturals.  As a host in public ceremonial events, the performer calls people together and keeps them amused during the ceremonies.  The Yaqui pascola masks are carved of soft wood resembling human faces, painted black and sometimes accented with orange/red pigment.  The beards and eyebrows are decorated with goat hair, horse hair, or agave fiber.”

Reference: The Other Southwest, Indian Arts & Crafts of Northwestern Mexico, The Heard Museum Exhibition 1977.